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Vanuit Amsterdam en Den Haag (A4)
 Afrit 6a Zoeterwoude - Rijndijk (N11)         
 Onder aan afrit bij verkeerslichten rechts
 Bij verkeerslichten linksaf (Zoeterwoude - Rijndijk, Grote Polder)
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Vanuit Utrecht (A12)
 Afslag Bodegraven (N11), volg richting Alphen a/d Rijn en  vervolgens richting Leiden
 Weg vervolgen, bij verkeerslichten rechtsaf (afslag Zoeterwoude - Rijndijk, Grote Polder = laatste afslag voor de A4).
 Bij volgende verkeerslichten linksaf (Grote Polder)
 In het eerste pand rechts vindt u HMZ Fashiongroup B.V.

Openbaar Vervoer: of bel 0800-9292

Welcome to The Choice 2018
Making the difference

Thank you for selecting The Choice 2018! An excellent decision, because The Choice is still making the difference. We offer you a complete, durable collection consisting of the best brands in the promotional and corporate wear industry!

The Choice 2018 includes Lemon & Soda, Gildan, Anvil, Stedman and Comfort Colors. What do we have in store this year? Lemon & Soda introduces a complete Sports line in 6 colours. In addition, a sweater, a trendy denim shirt and two polo shirts have been added to the line. Gildan brings 4 new styles, such as a Toddler t-shirt with heavy cotton quality. Larger sizes have been incorporated as well, for instance in the Gil5000.  The Anvil Triblend line presents size XS and 4 Heather colours (Caribbean Blue, Dark Green, Orange and Purple). Stedman provides no less than 23 new styles! Please check the Lemon & Soda Private Label Concept: this is the perfect way to customize your garments. Easy, straight from the source, reliable and first-rate.

Overall, the collection you find in The Choice is produced in safe and responsible facilities. We regard a strict Labour Code of Conduct as well as Fair Trade rules. The health and safety standard Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification applies to most of our products. By respecting social accountability and by caring for the environment, The Choice 2018 will again make a difference!

Enjoy The Choice 2018
Making the difference